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Thao Nguyen and band are turning ears
Updated at: 14:14, Tuesday, 26/01/2010 (GMT+7)

Thao Nguyen, of the band, "Get Down Stay Down", has become a successful Vietnamese-American musician in the U.S. and beyond.

 Critic Tony Scalfani has described her latest album, titled "Know Better Learn Faster", as, "One of the most memorable post-breakup albums in recent memory."

Born in Falls Church, Virginia, and daughter to a single mother, she grew up playing music and often worked at her mother's laundromat. Thao's upbringing was influenced by music and she started playing the guitar at the age of 12.

Thao would later begin performing solo acts with her acoustic guitar, even recording an album on her own.

One day, in Williamsburg, Virginia, according to her official website, she met band member Willis Thompson in a re-enactment. They would later meet fellow band member Adam Thompson, "One summer at a Richmond delicatessen, gingerly slicing. We got in a van together and stopped every night in different places. We got out, played music and then got back in and rambled to the next town."

They toured and recorded devoting their work as a collaboration of many artists, and an effort, "Of one Thao to understand human interaction at all, ever."

Her music has been described as a mix of indie-pop and folk.

The band now has four albums under its belt and is preparing for its European tour to begin January 16.

According to Thao, "We are very grateful for our musical lots in life and will always try our best to act accordingly. We thank you, very sincerely, for your ears, and your time, and your penchant for showing up and dancing."

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