• Vietnamese NASA scientist supports motherland

    An American-Vietnamese scientist who holds a number of NASA awards and certificates of recognition sent Thanh Nien a letter to express his commitment to contributing to Vietnam's future space program.

1/25/2010 3:17:14 PM - Where is Hoi An’s soul?

New data of scientists ( Mẫu hồ sơ khoa học)
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The battlefield souvenirs of PGS-Doctor Le Sy Toan, Military Medical Institute 103.   
Prof. Dr.-Le Sy Toan has 20 years of service trade and sick soldiers in the battlefield: from the campaign Dien Bien Phu (1954), the front of Thua Thien Hue (1954-1956), especially his work up to 14 years in battlefield C (Laos). This is the time that PGS, Le Sy Toan doctors miss the most. Team captain from the pre-surgery, he became Director of Institute of Military Medical 139 - a Military Hospital Front is the largest land Lao.Nhung your letter, the simple gift of his posts on the battlefield the family was his wife-pharmacist Nguyen Minh Phuong States - store carefully. Part of the century, he valuables she donated to the Center for CPD stored.
Collection of records in the process of self-study of GS-DSc, Major General Le The Trung, former Director of the Institute Le Huu Trac National Burns.   
This is one proof for self-study process tirelessly for a scientist to "From his national nurses union protection, backpack haversack by the team to the campaign, Le The Trung - after how many years hard study and research has become a professor, doctoral scientists with many famous works of science and abroad. Nguyen Tran Design: Coming to new horizons, Kim Dong Publishing House, 2007

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