03/09/2020 3:34:36 CH - Nhớ Giáo sư Lê Thi

Research Center, Heritage Conservation Dr Vietnam was built in the direction of multi-function: 

1. As a museum to preserve and introduce artifacts, souvenirs (objects and intangible) of scientists; 

2. As a library to store documents, bibliographic related scientists; 

3. As a library, museum electronic scientists; 

4. As a service center organizes conferences and seminars; 

Five. As a park to honor the scientists are worthy contributions to science and the country; 

6. A basis for implementation of activities to honor individual, collective, branches, localities .. 

7. Being a celebrity resorts, cultural tourism, historical tourism; 

8. A place for researchers to work, writing topics, writing treatises. 

9. A place to rest through the active exploitation of the cultural, sports, entertainment in a place friendly to the environment.
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