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Research Center, Heritage Conservation Dr Vietnam by a group of scientists in the fields of health initiatives established. Besides health activities, health care for people, groups of scientists is very enthusiastic with the honored traditions of hospitality, especially the traditional scientific Vietnam should establish guidelines Park the Van Mieu university and a center for research, conservation and heritage doctoral scientists Vietnam. 

24 2004 2008, Hoa Binh Province People's Committee issued a certificate number 2512100008 for investment projects to build park in the Temple of Literature, Hoa Binh Bac Phong commune, Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province with an area of 20 ha. June 18, 2008, Research Center, Heritage Conservation Dr Vietnam (CPD) was established under license 25.04.000134 People's Committee of Hoa Binh province. 

August 24, 2008, the Council of Advisors, including 20 prestigious scientists do GS.VS Pham Minh Hac, former Minister of Education as chairman has been established to help center a short-term oriented development and long term. 

September 27, 2008, at Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam project launch meeting was held was seen by over 100 scientists. 

After nearly a year of operation, Center CPD trying to assert his position. Initially, the Center has received and Collectibles nearly 1000 investment data is the kind of thesis, the works of science, research and souvenirs of scientists in Vietnam. 

Currently, the Center is making thematic study with his first subject? Khat khao learning and creativity of scientists in Vietnam?. The exhibition is expected to launch in September 2009.
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